Top 10 Halloween Costumes For Dogs

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E.T. Pug


Imagine how cool it would be if you could go trick or treating with your dog dressed in your favourite Halloween costumes. You can find some amazing doggie costumes online and in stores, but sometimes it’s more fun to make your own. 


We’ve put together our top 10 favourite Halloween costumes for dogs that can be easily recreated at home. Just look at this E.T. pug, for example. So simple to make and what’s more, your dog gets to enjoy Halloween as much as your kids. 


Pony dog costume


We found this pony dog costume on BuzzFeed and it has to be one of our top favourites. Such a clever idea and of course, it would have to suit the breed of your dog, but it's a great example of how fun and easy it can be to make your own doggie Halloween costumes. Let's take a look at the next one.


Where's Waldo Bulldog


This Where's Waldo dog costume is hilarious and it’s available from many retailers. It’s a great costume that would complement a human Waldo outfit, but bear in mind the hat and glass might not stay on for very long. Your dog has to have the right temperament to wear this Halloween costume.


Non Toxic Painted Skeleton Dog


The painted skeleton dog is the crafty work of @HinterlandsHound and he wants to reassure everyone that only non-toxic pet paint was used in creating this Halloween costume. You can find non-toxic pet paint and dye at any leading pet store. This also looks pretty cool in reverse with black paint on a white dog. 


Triceratops Dog Costume


The triceratops dog costume is our next favourite. This one might be trickier to recreate and your dog might not tolerate wearing it for very long, but if you must have this Halloween costume, you can find it available online for about $15.


TeddyBear Dog Costume


We already treat our dogs like big, ol’ teddy bears so why not dress them up like one for Halloween. This costume is hilarious to recreate and super easy. All you need is a teddy bear you don’t mind mutilating and preferably one that matches the colour of your dog. You can find costume online at Amazon.

Ewok Dog Costume

Another sweet reminder of how well certain dogs can look dressed up. This adorable Shih Tzu (Lhasa Apso?) models this Ewok costume very well. It’s really easy to make and as you can see from the haphazard stitching, you don’t need to be a seamstress to craft this one. The ewok costume is also available online at Amazon for a decent price.


Corgi Cowboy Costume


We’re coming to the really simple (but effective) doggie Halloween costumes now. All you need for this cowboy corgi costume is an old doggie coat and a stuffed doll. You could pick these up for nothing at the dollar store. Once you get your dog outfitted in this Halloween costume, you’ll be laughing for hours watching him gallop around the paddock! Also available from Amazon.


Pineapple Dog Costume


It’s amazing what you can do with an old T-shirt and some felt. This pineapple dog costume is so funny. Maybe it’s the expression on the dog’s face or the ridiculous headgear, but this is one Halloween costume to make the neighbours howl for days.


Strawberry dog costume


We just like the simplicity of this strawberry dog costume. With a little felt, a fabric pen and a T-shirt, you can create just about any kind of DIY Halloween costume for your dog. Plus it’s a lot of fun.




by Natalie Secretan


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