AKC Museum of the Dog: An Artistic Expression of Our Most Loyal Friends

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AKC Museum of the Dog


Depicting our best canine friends in art is just one way we show our love for these devoted creatures. From oil paintings of to ceramics and statues of our loyal companions, you’ll find a whole collection of beautiful pieces at the American Kennel Club’s Museum of the Dog.


Back by popular demand, this canine art exhibit is worth a visit to New York City. Originally housed in St. Louis, this collection is a veritable doggie empire with 1,700 works of art on display, with some dating as far back as the 16th century. 


The expert responsible for curating this canine collection of artful objects, Alan Fausel, has 16 years of experience selling dog paintings at the two reputable auction houses, Doyle and Bonhams. 


Taking up residence in its new home on Park Avenue close to Grand Central Station in NYC, the Museum of the Dog hopes to attract a larger crowd of dog lovers and art enthusiasts. 


The collection spans three stories and two floors of exhibits, together with an educational and interactive section for a younger audience, like the interactive tour guide. 


One of the most sophisticated exhibits is digital puppy training with an avatar of a 10-month old labrador retriever puppy. Fausel explains:


We put the labrador “in a motion capture suit and had her go through her basic obedience drills. Then we transferred that to a screen where you can actually train the avatar of the dog in real time through voice and hand signals.”


The Museum of the Dog features famous works by artists ranging far and wide apart like Victorian oil painter Maud Earl and her beautiful piece of a champion St. Bernard to William Wegman’s adorable photographs of weimaraners. There’s even one of the oldest dog skeletons on display, as well as a rich reading room housing a library of some 15,000 books on dogs.


Watch out for new features and exhibits coming soon the Museum of the Dog.


AKC Museum of the Dog
101 Park Avenue, NYC
Admission: $15


Photo courtesy: AKC Museum of the Dog


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