How To Keep Your Cat Safe This Holiday Season

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Keep Your Cat Safe This Holiday Season


Cats are curious by nature and will investigate anything new you bring into the house. So at this time of year, when you’re filling your home with all manner of flora and fauna in preparation for the holidays, make sure kitty is safe from harm and doesn’t get into mischief.


The Christmas Tree


A tree? In my house? What perfect fun! I wonder how long it will take for me to climb to the top. Those are the first thoughts your cat will have after you bring that fragrant evergreen into the house. But to a climbing cat, your Christmas tree could be a potential hazard. The weight of your cat will pull down the tree and kitty might not escape unscathed. Those pine needles are prickly and the branches can scratch, not to mention the weight of the tree could crush small bones. Make sure your tree is well anchored and won’t topple over.


If it smells good, it must taste good, right? And what’s wrong with pine-scented breath anyway? Well, if swallowed those pine needles could do some nasty damage to your cat’s digestive tract. Try not to leave your cat alone with the tree, just to be on the safe side.


Poinsettias, Lilies, Amaryllis, Holly and Mistletoe


These are just some of the plants that are highly toxic to your cat. If your cat gets a taste of any of these plants, rush them to the vet immediately. 


String Lights, Tinsel and Baubles


You know how much your cat loves to play with string, so picture their delight at seeing all the LED lights with their long tails (like mice!) Too tempting for a cat to resist, but imagine the shock if they happen to chew through the wires. Ouch!


Shiny baubles are fun to play with and will give chase once off the tree. Seeing their own reflection in the shiny orbs will only fuel your cat’s curiosity, but a broken bauble can cut poor kitty’s paws. 


What is it about tinsel that cats love to chew? I guess we’ll never know. Just make sure your cat doesn’t take a liking to it. If swallowed, it could cause great discomfort and require a vet visit or two.


Wrapping Paper and Ribbon


Yummy! Another tasty delight for your cat to enjoy, plus the crinkly noise is irresistable. When you’re gathered around the tree opening gifts, keep an eye on kitty and make sure she doesn’t make a meal of it.


To be 100% safe this holiday season, your best bet is to keep kitty out of the room with the Christmas tree. Be safe this season and keep your cats free of harm.


by Natalie Secretan


Photo by: Teodora Vasileva - Baby Ben 


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