Night Walking Safety Tips For Your Dog

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Night walking safety tips for your dog


Night visibility is an important thing to consider for yourself and your dog, now that it’s getting dark by the time you get home from work. Even under the streetlamps at night, people and dogs walking on the sidewalk are practically invisible to vehicles passing by. There are many ways you can light up, some of them fun, creative and inexpensive. 


Reflective Dog Collars and Leashes


When you’re buying your dog’s collar and leash, opt for ones that come with reflective strips. As a safety precaution all year round, these types of products make a lot of sense.


Get creative! Buy some reflective tape and apply to your dog’s winter coat and booties. You could also use some of the tape for your own clothing, provided it doesn’t ruin the material. You can also attach some to your shoes.


Illuminate Your Dog


We’ve all seen those light fobs at the pet store that attach to your dog’s collar. Available in red or blue, these are a simple measure if you don’t mind things dangling off your dog. The one drawback with these fobs is that nobody can see them from behind. Only when your dog is face on are they visible and effective.


Collars and leashes are also available with LED lights. These help to illuminate your dog and yourself. Typically, these products will only last for one winter as wet snow, wear and tear, and batteries are not a good combination.  


Get creative! Buy some LED strip lighting and create leg bands and armbands for you and your dog. 


Carry A Flashlight


The best kind of flashlight is one you can attach to your head or hat so your hands are free to walk your dog. With this kind of light, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing and make sure your dog isn’t getting into any garbage or broken glass. It’ll also help keep you safe and you’ll be able to see prowling night critters before your dog notices them. 


Extra precaution is needed when walking at night and it’s easy to outfit yourself and your dog. So have fun with it and shine a little light!


by Natalie Secretan


Photo by: Steven Connors


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