What Is Your Cat Trying To Say?

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Cat Talk


If your cat could talk, they’d have a thing or two to say to you! The thing is, cats do talk in their own unique way using body language, meowing and those big, beautiful eyes of theirs. So what exactly is your cat trying to tell you?


With a meow-meow here…


Kittens meow, cats not so much. At least this is the natural way with cats. Meowing is an instinct of kittens who born with their eyes shut and poor senses to keep Mamma closeby and alert. But for domesticated cats, meowing has become a way of telling their owners something. They meow when they’re hungry, they meow when you come home, they meow when you ignore them, they meow for many reasons. 


Some cats have learned to mimic the frequency of a baby’s cry to get their owner’s attention. So when your cat meows, listen. See if you can distinguish between tone, volume and frequency. Study his or her body language as well and intuit exactly what it is they want from you. 


Do you like my rear?


Your cat will often present their rear to you as a show of affection. Some owners think it’s funny, others find it gross, while some cover it up with a Twinkle Tush


When your cat shows you their butt, it’s a sign of welcome and trust. They like you and want to be friends. Dogs have a similar manoeuvre, as we all know!


Can’t touch this!


When your cat rolls over and exposes their tummy, try and resist the temptation of reaching out for a good belly rub. That’s not what your cat wants. In fact, you might just get clawed to bits, as this can sometimes be a defensive behaviour. Your cat is in a position to attack with all claws flared. 


On the other hand, your cat could just be stretching and feeling super relaxed. If you still think they’re crying out for a belly rub, approach with caution!


Does your cat really need a bath?


If your cat could tell you how much they hate water, you wouldn’t put them through the ordeal of getting in the tub. With thousands of years of domestication, cats have come to despise water and view it as wholly unnecessary! 


Cats are known to be fastidiously clean animals and even though they do require daily brushing and combing out, shampooing and water is going overboard! They can take care of themselves. A wet cat takes ages to dry and wet cat fur is heavy, cold, and extremely uncomfortable. So skip the bath. Instead try some grooming wipes, or a face, paw, and bum wash (in that order) with a warm, damp cloth. For an extra special treat, try a soft, dry towel rub. Cats love that.


You and your cat will develop your own way of communicating with each other. Over the years, you’ll get to recognize the signs so you can keep your kitty happy. If they do start acting out of character though, it’s always a good idea to consult your local vet.



Photo by: Jorbasa Fotografie - upps!






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