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Natalie Secretan

Petbooktoday Freelance Writer

As a lifelong pet owner and animal lover, I’ve owned every kind of pet from fish, turtles, stick insects, birds and Guinea pigs to cats and dogs. I have bred cats and dogs too and feel privileged that I can combine my two favourite things in life: writing and animals.

As an English Specialist with a background in journalism and a passion for the written word, I have combined some 25 years of working experience, education and subject matter expertise with my flair for copywriting in the form of blogging, SEO copywriting and content marketing.

When I’m not writing, you can find me at the dog park with my BFF, Layla.

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Morgan Clark

Petbooktoday Freelance Writer

As a lifelong pet owner, I have owned many dogs and cats, as well as a few Guinea pigs, parakeets, and quails. I have a passion for writing, teaching, and animals, and I get to combine those talents to teach people about how to properly care for their pets.

I am an English teacher and freelance writer in sunny San Diego, California. As a recent transplant, I unfortunately am not able to have pets, but I am hoping to adopt a new best friend very soon. Fortunately, I have visitation rights for my parents' three Shetland Sheepdogs and one kitty. I love to hike, swim, and kayak all over my beautiful city, and I can't wait to have a four-legged companion to share my adventures with.

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Edward Olamisan

Petbooktoday Founder and Software Developer

Edward Olamisan is an ASP .NET Software Developer living in Toronto. Edward began building web applications in 2006, and held senior engineering positions at global companies such as EffectiveSoft, A.K.A. New Media Inc. and Affinity eSolutions Inc. He's mostly taking care of the technical part of this project. Every now and then he feels like he can write a blog post or that he can put his pet's picture in every article. So don't judge his blog writing skills too harsh. Or don't be surprised if you keep spotting the same pet's picture featured over and over.

Want to join the team? Feel free to email us info@petbooktoday.com

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