Hot New Trend In Catio Living

cat patio


A new trend in outdoor cat patios is catching on among cat lovers in Vancouver, which promises to promote your kitty’s good health and protect the nearby birds from their deadly clutches. 


Your cat can enjoy the outdoors without all the risks


Promoted by animal activists in Vancouver, BCSPCA recently held their first Catio Tour in the city to spread awareness of the huge benefits and advantages of building your own outdoor enclosure. Aimed at housecats who spend their lives cooped up inside, an outdoor enclosure will provide physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. Your cat will be able to watch birds and squirrels, take in the neighbourhood scents and sights, and get some much-needed fresh air. Providing an outdoor space for your cat to safely roam and observe is the best thing you can do for their health.


An outdoor catio is perfect for apartment cats


Balcony Catio


If you live in the big metropolis several storeys above ground, a balcony cat patio is the perfect solution to get your cat outside in safety. You can easily build your own structure or buy a catio kit. But all you really need to get started is a large animal crate complete with a few perches, scratching posts, toys and cat grass.


Building your own catio is easy


Two important things to consider when you’re planning your catio is that it must provide shade and it must be secure. You don’t want your cat getting out, but you also don’t want anything getting in either. You can do a lot with a few pieces of wood and wire steel mesh. It's also a good idea to provide a cat flap, window, or access point so your cat can come and go safely.  


Cat patio DIY


Some people construct their cat patio on the large side so they can include a sitting area for themselves where they can enjoy their cat’s company. Other creative ideas include adding climbing branches and tree trunks, as well as planting a grass bottom for that real outdoorsy feel.


Large sit-in catio


You can make your catio as big or as small as you like. The trick is to choose your space and design your catio around that area, like this perfect little getaway below right beside the bird feeders. This is what you call Kitty Heaven!


Bird watching from the catio


Of course it goes without saying that your cat should never be left unsupervised while they're out in their enclosure. When it comes to your beloved kitty-cat, you can never be too careful.


by Natalie Secretan