How To Rid Your Lawn Of Dog Urine Spots

How to rid your lawn of dog urine spots


If your dogs are ruining your lawn by leaving pee spots everywhere, don’t despair. There are a few measures you can take to protect your grass and bring it back to life.


First, repair all the dead spots of grass by seeding new grass in topsoil and watering every day. You’ll have to protect the damaged area from your dogs until the grass grows back by fencing them off. In the meantime, here are a few steps to help keep your dog from killing the grass.  


Steps To Stop Dog Pee From Burning Your Grass 


  1. Step one is a very simple solution, and that’s water. Every time your dog pees on the grass, grab the hose and water down the spot to neutralize the urine. Of course, this means supervising your pet when they’re outside, but that’s not always a bad idea anyway. As long as there’s still life in your grass, this is your best option. You can also find natural neutralizing sprays sold at the pet store. Most of them are harmless enzyme-based sprays, but some come with green tint to make your grass look normal again. But why add more stuff to your lawn when water is just as good?
  2. Your pet store also sells products that you can feed to your dog to stop yellow spots on your lawn. They are sold as soft enzyme chews, tablets and treats and claim to be a natural supplement for your dog. However, they are not suited to all dogs, so please check with your veterinarian first before opting for this solution. 
  3. You can also find additives that neutralize the acidity of your dog’s drinking water, so their urine doesn’t burn the grass. Most of these products will change the pH balance and may not be suited to every hound. Another option is a product called Dog Rocks made from nothing but natural paramagnetic rocks. You place a couple of rocks in 2 litres of drinking water and they’ll neutralize your dog’s urine. They last for about two months. How do they work? My guess is these rocks hold a magnetic charge that balances the ions in the water, without changing the pH level. I haven’t tried this product yet, but if you have, let me know if it works in the comments below.


There are also a few training tips you can try to teach your dog to pee in one spot of the lawn. But that’s for another blog. If you use some of the tips above, you’ll be rid of those pee spots in no time and back to a nice green lawn.


by Natalie Secretan


Photo by: jondoeforty1 - "The Gardener" San Francisco 2008